Kanat Kopbayev has been elected as the Chairman of YPO Kazakhstan

Kanat Kopbayev, a board member of Kusto Group, has been elected as the Chairman of YPO Kazakhstan, the local branch of an international club that unites over 30,000 young entrepreneurs from 140 countries.

Founded in 1950 by American businessman Ray Hickok, the organisation's members today manage companies with a total value exceeding USD 10 tn. The primary requirements for club membership are being under 45 years old, having a company with sales of at least USD 10 mln and managing a minimum of 50 employees. The club organises educational activities, facilitates the exchange of experiences and promotes networking among members. The association offers over 500 programmes designed to equip executives with the necessary knowledge and support to tackle their companies' ongoing issues related to management, personnel administration and growth strategies. The concept of establishing a Kazakhstan branch of YPO was conceived by businessman Nurlan Kapparov, who served as the organisation's inaugural chairman in 2010.

Kanat Kopbayev oversees the construction division of Kusto Group.. As of May 2023, he ranks among Forbes' top 50 wealthiest businessmen in Kazakhstan, with a net worth of USD 169 mn. Beyond his involvement in the construction sector, Kanat Kopbayev actively participates in social initiatives, including co-founding the High Tech Academy, an innovative school in Alma-Ata and contributing to the IQanat educational project.