Our key values dictate how we operate and influence our every move.
It’s all about building a successful, sustainable, industrial investment company
and having pride in what we do.

Our key values

Everyone who works with Kusto is always struck by our particular culture. With our flat
management structure, everyone’s contribution is encouraged and valued, and decisions
are taken fast. Management is open to new ideas, discussion and innovation, while staff
and partners are nurtured and developed, with investment in education and training central
to our goal of being the best. Our culture can be summed up by our key values.


We are determined to raise standards and build high-quality businesses. This is evident in our investment criteria, our partnerships and the training we give our people. We offer the best management education and training available
in partnership with the world’s leading educational institutions.


This is the single most important quality that we nurture in our people. We want our employees to show initiative and think
for themselves.

Long term

Our approach is to build national and international champions. When we invest, we invest in the long term. We show commitment to our projects and nurture them.


We take on new challenges and try new approaches. We reward inventiveness and are not afraid to fail.


Everyone we work with is part of the same team – a team with integrity that trusts its members, pushes itself and regularly shares best practices and new ideas.

We have spent years evolving into what we are today – a successful, sustainable, multi-sector diversified industrial investment company where everyone’s contribution is valued,” says Yerkin Tatishev, Kusto founder. “We could not have achieved this without adhering to our key principles and to our core values. In today’s ever more complex and demanding business environment, to succeed the whole team needs strength of character, a strong identity and a clear vision of what it wants to achieve. Our values give us that and we only work with partners and people who share our values and vision, enabling us to look to the next phase of our growth with confidence and pride.”