More than a decade of experience of building businesses and today work with more than 30 companies
across four continents from our headquarters in Singapore. Our key markets are oil and gas,
agriculture, real estate, construction materials and Vietnam.

The kusto way

The entrepreneurs in Kusto’s team work together closely. The group values courage, collaboration and a focus on sustainable development in the countries and sectors where we operate. At Kusto, we dare to make things better.

Rigorous analysis allows us to dare, but we are never reckless. It is our background and close-knit entrepreneurial spirit that has created sustainable opportunities in emerging economies.

We are always looking to partner with exceptional businesses in the most dynamic emerging markets. It is important that we harness and encourage local expertise, all the while sharing the management skills and methodologies that have been developed across four continents.

Of course collaboration works both ways: we learn from our partners. We take best practices from one and introduce it to another, making every company a champion in its sector; their future is our future. We reward innovation and we invest in the education and training of all our group.

Together, these values create an environment where we can continue to do what we do best: dare to make things better.

“We see Kusto as a smaller
but rapidly-growing version
of Berkshire Hathaway”
Dr Eric Flamholtz
Founder of Management Systems