Kanat Kopbayev
Kusto board member

Kanat is one of the founding partners of the Kusto Group and is currently responsible for leading the group’s strategic development with a range of foreign partners.

Born in 1976, Kanat has worked side by side with Yerkin since graduating from the Kazakh Academy of Management.

Kanat’s first foray into the business world started in 1995 when he worked for Astana Motors — a major car distributor for Toyota in Kazakhstan. Quickly spotting opportunities for entrepreneurship, he joined Yerkin in their collective effort to turn around crumbling former Soviet mining assets. Kanat quickly established a reputation for managerial excellence, where he helped lead the downstream transformation of the mining business, forming new partnerships and leading the growth and development of new markets.

Moving on from this successful experience, Kanat helped co-found the Kusto Group.

Today, Kanat spends much of his time on business development, building client relations and developing new business opportunities.

His strongest skills are in communication and he is a highly effective negotiator.

Kanat today serves on the boards of Kusto Agro and Kusto Construction Materials.

He speaks Kazakh, Russian and English, loves sport and is a keen participant in the annual Kusto Group games.