Murat Utemissov
Kusto Board Member and CEO Kusto Home

Murat has worked with Yerkin Tatishev since 1998 and today is Chief Executive of Kusto Home, the developer of Diamond Island, Kusto’s luxury Ho Chi Minh City development, where he also lives with his wife and three children.

A graduate from the Kazakh State Academy of Management, Murat has a diversified managerial background. Prior to joining Kusto, Murat led projects in the mining sector before joining KG to head up a series of large scale international real estate projects.

In 2005 he became a Managing Director in the Real Estate Division. He has been on the boards of the Almaty development project Korkem Tau as well as the Moscow development project and today is on the boards of Kusto Vietnam and Kusto Real Estate.

«I enjoy leading a team and being stretched, having ambitious goals. I know that our track record is strong and that motivates me and my teams to succeed again,» he says.

His near-term goal is to finish developing Diamond Island before finding his next real estate project in Vietnam.

Murat speaks Kazakh, Russian and English and has an MBA from the Russian Governmental Academy of National Economy. He enjoys playing with his young children and is particularly happy spending time playing tennis, football and swimming with them.