Orazkhan Karsybekov
Kusto board member and Chairman KazPetrol Group

Orazkhan joined the Kusto Group in 2005 as Chairman of the KazPetrol Group (KPG), which was founded in the same year. Over more than a decade, Oraz has been the key strategic thinker behind KPG’s success, helping turn an uncertain and complex investment into a billion dollar oil and gas company.

In addition to leading KPG, Oraz serves as a Board Member in the overall Oil and Gas Division that includes KPG, Compass, and the Oil Products and Trading Business.

At KPG, Orazkhan has been able to draw on and leverage his successful experiences in the oil and gas sector in companies ranging from subsoil specialists to drilling and fuel suppliers, including in his senior role as Finance Director.

Oraz has also held leadership positions in the construction sector including overseeing a joint venture with the French group Vikat, and a number of prestigious real estate developments across Kazakhstan.

On graduating from Karaganda State University in 1996, Orazkhan joined Kazkommerstbank, where he spent a year working as an analyst. Oraz’s banking experience also included time spent at Al Baraka Bank.

"It’s great working with Kusto because it takes its responsibilities to society and the environment seriously. This is the key to its success and is reflected in everything we do, from researching new projects to implementation and review. We always look at the whole of what we do in great detail and try to get it right. So far we have been able to grow successfully," he says.

Orazkhan is married with three children and lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan.