Education and health care are central to the wellbeing of a community. That is why Kusto Group invests in both areas, through the High Tech Academy in Almaty, and the wide range of assistance programmes of Kusto Help.

High Tech Academy in Almaty is a leader in project-based learning and follows the latest educational methods to offer a new, collaborative approach to learning. HTC has built a brand-new campus and provides world class facilities for students and teachers, embracing a community of more than 540 pupils from kindergarten to high school.

The Kusto Help Programme has seen over 1bn KZT donated to support the local population and hospitals during the pandemic, with everything from food packages to medical equipment and ambulances.

You can read more about the High Tech Academy and Kusto Help below.

High Tech Academy

The High Tech Academy in Almaty was founded by Yerkin Tatishev in 2019, to create a centre of excellence in Kazakhstan, using the latest educational innovations. The project was born from our Founder and CEO’s belief in the importance of access to a meaningful education, and securing the future of the next generations.

The school’s curriculum emphasises project based learning and the Korda and Finnish project based learning approaches to learning, requiring students to apply critical thinking to learn from real world experiences, in teams that collaborate and share.

The Academy encourages a holistic education, creating globally minded digital citizens with a creative growth mindset and a strong focus on intercultural learning. School facilities include a swimming pool, gym, art center, and music school, with students encouraged to engage in a wide range of artistic and athletic pursuits. The latest educational equipment allows students to explore their subjects to the fullest extent, including the FabLab with over 90 types of equipment.

The buildings, designed by Finnish architects Parviainen arkkitehdit, house a kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, with an enrolment of 540 pupils.

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Partners of High Tech Academy

Kusto Help

When COVID-19 struck we were quick to realise the need to support those at greatest risk. In April 2020 we launched Kusto Help, with the goal of providing material assistance to frontline healthcare workers and vulnerable families throughout Kazakhstan.

Since the establishment of the project, Kusto Help has donated over 1bn KZT to support the local population and medical professionals during the pandemic, reaching tens of thousands of beneficiaries. These have included 12,000 low-income families, who received food packages, as well as investment in improving their living conditions and educational access. We likewise invested in frontline care, providing two ambulances to local hospitals, a minibus for an orphanage, and almost 400m KZT worth of equipment and medicines to approximately 100 hospitals throughout Kazakhstan. Hospitals also received 80 tons of meat products to provide doctors and patients with the nutrition they need. The 155 families of medical personnel who died from coronavirus and pneumonia each received 1m KZT.

Central to the successful implementation of our projects has been collaboration with volunteer organisations on the ground. They are the ones who helped to set up and deliver aid from Kusto Help to doctors, low-income families and large families, orphans, pensioners and the disabled. Organisations like Arugan Sain, Mercy, Zello Help Aktobe, and many others are the real heroes of the pandemic.

While often challenging and costly, the reward for this effort is profound. We have been able to achieve our goal of helping people survive in difficult times and supporting medical professionals in their battle with COVID-19. It has also brought Kusto staff together and gave meaning in a difficult period. They also received well-deserved official recognition on 30 September 2020, when Kusto Help was one of six projects recognised by the President of Kazakhstan.

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