Who We Are

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to Kusto Group. We are a global investment company, focused on long-term value creation in high-growth markets.

Yerkin Tatishev

Chairman of Kusto Group

We employ thousands of people across more than 12 countries — in industries as diverse as agriculture, construction materials, real estate and retail. And together, we’re leading the way in developing innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Kusto uses advanced technologies and pioneering business practices to deliver best-in-class services and products across all our operations. From Tambour in Israel creating industry-leading environmentally friendly paint and construction materials, to Kusto Agro in Ukraine implementing state-of-the-art precision agriculture.

KazBeef, under Kusto’s leadership is another exciting project, leading an ambitious programme to transform Kazakhstan’s vast arable land into a global production and export hub for premium beef products.

Our success over decades has only been possible thanks to a dedicated, skilful, and entrepreneurial workforce. Without them, we simply wouldn’t be the company we are today.

Even during the difficult times of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, our employees have ensured our core businesses have continued to grow. Through the Kusto Help charitable programme, they have also managed to demonstrate their generosity of spirit, helping thousands of people hardest hit.

Building a company that harnesses our employees’ creativity and capacity for innovation is at the very core of Kusto Group’s values. Equipping our workforce to think of themselves as entrepreneurs is vital to ensuring we remain at the cutting edge. The pandemic has upended industries, societies and livelihoods across the globe. More than ever the world needs businesses to rethink the norm and remake their industries.

In Kusto Group, we have built a company that stands ready not only to confront the new challenges posed by the post-Covid environment, but to thrive under them.

Welcome to Kusto Group
Welcome to Kusto Group
Welcome to Kusto Group
Welcome to Kusto Group
Welcome to Kusto Group
Welcome to Kusto Group

Divisions Overview

Kusto Group is active across five main business areas: Agriculture, Construction & Materials, Real Estate & Retail, Oil & Gas, and our separate activities in Vietnam. Across the diverse range of sectors in our portfolio, we strive to introduce the latest technological, ecological, and customer-focused innovations.

Kusto Group’s Agriculture division represents the cutting edge of regional seed research and development, irrigation systems, and data-driven farming, including the leading beef-production business in Kazakhstan. Our international Construction and Materials businesses are likewise market leaders in the development of high-quality, environmentally sustainable paints and construction products. Kusto Group’s Real Estate business is active in the development of high-end properties, from Kazakhstan to Vietnam. Finally, our Oil and Gas business reflects the latest innovations in both sustainable production and in providing a premier retail experience.

You can Meet the Business here for further information on our divisions and individual business.

Origins of Kusto

Kusto Group’s origins begin in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union. In newly independent Kazakhstan, Yerkin Tatishev joined with other close friends to help turn around a failing mining operation in the Zhitgara region of the country, with the aim of revitalising economically devastated single-industry towns.

Years of neglect, combined with the economic shock, had left the mines virtually bankrupt. But after four years of hard work and support from the local community, the team of young entrepreneurs was able to purchase the company in 2002.

By leveraging advanced technologies, investing in the community and applying efficient business practices, the young team was able to reverse the decline and return the mine to profitability.

While the mines has never been a part of Kusto Group, that initial entrepreneurial experience provided seed capital to invest in the founding of Kusto Group in 2008, which over time became Kusto today — a diversified company with operations in agriculture, oil & gas, construction and real estate.

Today, our operations and activities have expanded to 12 countries, including Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Israel, Vietnam, Georgia, Singapore, Turkey, China and Canada. Through our presence in these diverse markets, we have gained a unique range of experience that we are able to share across our various business divisions.

The company employs over 8,000 staff and has an annual turnover of more than $1bn. In 2013, Kusto Group permanently moved its headquarters from Almaty to Singapore. To be able to support growing international footprint by utilizing benefits of the global financial hub.


Key values


Kusto Group is driven by innovation, entrepreneurial risk-taking and knowledge-sharing across companies and borders. We seek to develop our company by working with international partners to identify and apply the latest technologies, practices and thinking to our different businesses across the globe.

A dynamic, varied workforce is key to our continued success. A healthy, impactful business can only succeed if workers at all levels feel empowered to generate and deliver. Knowledge-sharing between people, businesses and markets is essential to the growth of a company as diverse as Kusto Group. This principle is at the core of everything we do.

Kusto’s work around the world is supported by a network of high-value, long-lasting international partnerships. We don’t just aim to deliver best practice, we want to learn from it. For example, partnering with Valmont Industries has enabled us to learn, adapt and promote the best agriculture practices in Kusto Agro, ensuring higher quality, better efficiency and greater value in all our activities.

However, Kusto Group’s operations are not simply about growing revenues and the bottom line. At Kusto we are committed to the communities where we work, giving back more than simply employment and economic impact. Our vision at Kusto is to invest time, money and resources into helping communities flourish, especially in tough times. Kusto Help was founded to ensure we are a company that is engaged with all stakeholders and that we deliver more than is expected.

Above all, Kusto Group seeks to perpetuate the values of collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit and the courage to think outside the box. By instilling these values across all our businesses, we hope to deliver sustainable growth in the years ahead.