Kazbeef becomes first Kazakh business to receive GLOBALG.A.P. certification

The feedlot of Kazbeef, one of the largest producers of marbled beef in Kazakhstan, has become the first in the country to receive the prestigious GLOBALG.A.P. certificate following an audit. The certificate, seen as the most widely accepted marker of good agricultural practices worldwide, will play heavily into opening the company’s market to Europe and beyond.

GLOBALG.A.P. is one of the world’s most well-regarded safety standard framework for livestock. Since its formation in 1997, over 200,000 producers are now under GLOBALG.A.P. certification in 134 countries. Collaborating with supply chain stakeholders, the independent body works to provide industry-leading, socially responsible benchmarking solutions for both the employees themselves as well as the environment.

The process of certification is a meticulously conducted and thorough procedure. Performed annually, agricultural specialists from all the over world visit candidate companies, arranging interviews with staff members and analysing relevant documents to confirm eligibility. Kazbeef CEO Beibit Eurbaev commented on the rigorous preparations which were carried out ahead of the audit process, from testing the drinking water and medicines used to treat livestock to ensuring harmful chemicals do not enter the soil, all variations of risks were carefully monitored.

One of the key benefits in obtaining such a certificate is the opportunities it presents with retail chains in the West. With a GLOBALG.A.P. certificate in their pocket, companies like Kazbeef are no longer limited by strict prerequisites when entering transnational commercial relationships. At the moment, Kazbeef products are primarily sold in the Middle East market, with Dubai being the largest import country. However, looking ahead, the business aims to enter the rest of the UAE emirates and other Gulf states. Participation in high-profile events like the Gulfood Exhibition in 2022, the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade show, will prove very useful in achieving this mission.

Kazbeef does not intend to stop there. Already involved in the HoReCa sectors of two key Russian cities, Moscow and St Petersburg, CEO Beibet Eurbaev sees huge potential for expanding the company across more borders and markets. For him, the distribution of products to Europe will not only promote Kazbeef’s brand in the West, but following their example, other businesses in Kazakhstan could also gain certification and enter the foreign market. Moreover, this is not just limited to meat or livestock, but has prospects for any other agricultural product in the industry.

In terms of next steps, Erubaev hopes to introduce the food standard system at their meat processing plant, in addition to the existing GFSI and FSSC 22000 certificates. Ultimately, for Kazbeef and other enterprises, the standard of GLOBALG.A.P. opens new doors for investments and relations, and will guide the sustainable development of the wider industry as a whole.