Wendy's launched its fourth restaurant in Tashkent

The international fast-food chain Wendy's has inaugurated its fourth restaurant in Uzbekistan's capital, Tashkent. The restaurant was named after the street it is situated on—Wendy's Shevchenko. High-profile guests, including Rajiv Sabharwal, Vice President of The Wendy's Company, attended the opening ceremony.

"For those unaware, Wendy's ranks as the world's second-largest fast-food restaurant chain. Currently, it boasts over 7,000 restaurants across 31 countries. We are in expansion mode. Our growth and development in Uzbekistan are crucial—they form part of Wendy's success narrative," he highlighted in his address. He also extended special gratitude to Kusto Group, the franchise holder in Central Asia.

Kusto Group intends to open four additional restaurants, aiming to surpass 20 fast-food restaurants by 2030. "The more Wendy's is loved, the more branches will be established in Uzbekistan. Our plan is to launch the first 20 restaurants, and the rest depends on you. We aim to generate over 650 job opportunities for the youth. Congratulations to all, I hope our fan base continues to grow," stated Orazkhan Karsybekov, a board member of Kusto Group, which manages the Wendy's project.

Kusto Group aims to establish 25 franchise restaurants in Kazakhstan by 2030, creating over 800 locations. Wendy's key contribution to the local economy lies in its flexibility to use local food products, which make up 60% or more of its offerings. "One of Wendy's major strengths is its adaptability in localising products. Therefore, when you try Wendy's, you experience American standards along with high-quality local fresh produce, which currently constitutes around 60% and is set to increase. All necessary items will be produced and procured locally, with the company collaborating with Uzbek and Kazakh farmers and suppliers. This is crucial as many similar companies primarily rely on imported goods," quoted Yerkin Tatishev, Chairman of Kusto Group's Board of Directors, as reported by the Kapital Business Information Centre.