Yerkin Tatishev discussed plans for expanding Wendy's presence in Central Asia

Yerkin Tatishev, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Kusto Group attended the Wendy’s Annual Franchise Convention in Washington.

The convention gathered franchisees from all over the world. Business leaders and experts came together to discuss the company’s priorities and celebrate Wendy's 54th birthday.

The convention also included an awards ceremony, with two general managers from restaurants in Almaty (TSUM) and Tashkent (Chilanzar) being recognised among the top 200 managers of the year. The competition attracted a total of 7,000 applicants.

Kusto Group holds the Wendy's franchise rights in Central Asia. According to Yerkin Tatishev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, these fast-food restaurants not only serve delicious and quality food but also positively influence local agriculture providing a reliable sales market for local farmers and boosts the overall agricultural industry, thereby stimulating economic growth.