Max Sartiyev

Chairman Tambour Group

Tambour’s future is bright with commitment to innovation and environmental protection

2020 has been a challenging year for businesses of all shapes and sizes, across many different markets. At Kusto Group, with our diverse sectoral and geographical experience, we have witnessed the coronavirus pandemic’s full impact.

Tambour’s green lick of paint is a win-win

Protecting the environment is a duty we all share. Like every Kusto Group company, Tambour is committed to growing sustainably by investing in green technology and seeking to reduce our environmental impact.

Kusto in Israel: Max Sartiyev’s Tambour experience

Since Kusto acquired Tambour, one person has been there from the beginning – my friend and long-time colleague, Max Sartiyev. In 2014, he became ‘our man on the ground’ in Israel, steering a course for Tambour as CEO.

Tambour CEO reveals the ingredients of success

Tambour continued its smooth sailing last year, through a combination of hard work, smart investments and a clear strategic vision. Long may that success in continue.

Israeli Innovation Incubator Scheme Supported by Kusto Group’s Tambour Picks Up Pace

Last year, at Tambour we announced our cooperation with a group of leading local and international firms and educational institutions in a government-supported program to develop an entrepreneurial tech incubator in Israel. The initiative’s value is already being recognised

Kusto Group’s Tambour Joins Effort to Establish an Innovation Incubator in Israel’s Periphery

As Chairman of Kusto Group’s Israel-based Tambour Paints, I am thrilled to announce that the company will be joining a coalition of Israeli and international businesses, educational institutions and public entities in an initiative to establish an entrepreneurial tech incubator in peripheral Israel.