Kanat Kopbayev

Kusto Board Member

Kusto Group’s clean technology plant in Pavlodar is an environmental success

Today, every entrepreneur launching a new venture must ask themselves a simple question: What benefit – environmental, social or otherwise – will this commercial opportunity bring to the community it serves?

Kusto Group can help Africa reach its potential

I am often asked, as I was in a recent interview with Forbes, where I see Kusto Group’s future lying. We are an ambitious company, one that is unafraid of taking on new challenges and new markets. After Kazakhstan, Southeast Asia, Israel, Europe, North America, what is the next business adventure for Kusto?

Kusto Group brings the shine back to Kazakhstan’s leather industry

At Kusto Group, we have a long history of turning around businesses that have fallen on hard times, particularly in strategically important industries. Our approach of revitalising fallen giants was on display once again recently, as the formerly shuttered Semipalatinsk tannery re-opened its doors.

Kusto’s clean plant makes materials out of ashes

Amid all the difficulties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m pleased to report that work on one of Kusto Group’s most exciting, clean technology projects, KazCenosphere, is progressing well.

Tambour paint helps schoolkids learn about road safety

From the beauty of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel to the functionality of the markings on our roads, paint is an essential part of our societies and of how we communicate with each other.

Tambour continues expansion with Ashkelon factory

The good news continues to flow for Tambour. I am delighted to announce that Kusto is further expanding investment in our Israeli success story.

Engaging with next generation

This month I had the pleasure of discussing the lessons learned from starting a business at Kusto with the bright students of Nazarbayev University.

Geves Gesher adds to Tambour and Kusto’s expanding portfolio

It is no secret that building a robust, diversified business requires more than just organic growth. You also need to make acquisitions that add new dimensions to your business portfolio.

Bright future for Tambour’s newest recruit, Colorificio Zetagi

Since the acquisition of Colorificio Zetagi by Tambour in June last year—Tambour’s first acquisition outside of Israel—the Italian firm has gone from strength to strength.

Compass multi fuel filling complex

Earlier this month, members of the Kusto Group leadership team participated in the exciting opening of the Compass fuel station in Almaty, a new-format multi-fuel filling complex, and the first of its kind in Kazakhstan.

Tambour Italy’s strategic acquisition of local paint company, Colorificio Zetagi, marks another highlight for Kusto Group

Our guiding strategy here at Kusto Group is, and always has been, to turn local champions into global ones. The acquisition of the Italian company, Colorificio Zetagi, by our fast-expanding Israeli paint brand, Tambour, is a prime example.

Kusto Group’s leading paint brand Tambour sets up shop in Romania

At Kusto Group we always know a winner when we spot one. Just look at our innovative paint company Tambour, which is now celebrating it’s recent expansion into Romania.